Les deux petits forts

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Detached holiday rental in Limousin (87)


Le Petit Fort Fleuri is a detached holiday home in central France. It’s an old fort house from 1630 in the Limousin. There is place for 2 to 5 adults or a family with a few children.


It is located in the historic - extremely quiet - medieval town of Bellac. Opposite the church that was built between the 12th and the 15th century.

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There is hardly any traffic. It seems like time has stood still. Neighbors still take time for a chat, a kind word.

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The house is adjacent to a house next door, which is still under reconstruction. Together these two are called: LES DEUX PETITS FORTS.


At some distance these houses are surrounded by similar houses.

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At the rear of the house is a lower terrace garden of 600 square meters with fruit trees. Here you are surrounded by peace, space and bird twittering.

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You hear the water stream of the river Le Vincou below you.


With good weather there is always sun somewhere in the garden after 12 o’clock.

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And every night you can see the sun set below the horizon. An excellent place to spend a pleasant holiday.